1.  We are a corporate clothing consultancy. We oversee everything from digitising your logo to the delivery of the goods

2.  We  listen to our clients' requirements, offer advice where necessary and deliver realistic deadlines and solutions

3.  We continue to win business from organisations that are frustrated by long lead times and poor customer support

4.  We are already working with large organisations, each of which is receiving a bespoke service that tackles their specific needs

5.  We do not promote our own label, but use tried and tested quality brands that have excellent reputations from within the industry

6.  We are in out 4th year of trading and have doubled sales consistently for the last three years

7.  We have capacity to finish 250,000 garments per annum and continue to make large investments in new machinery and technology

8.  We understand our competitors are reliant on third parties - they cannot manage the process effectively or control all elements of supply

9.  We focus on long term relationships with our clients, ensuring that any proposal will be robust and sustainable

10. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer service and 100% retention of clients.